Why Band?

Are you trying to decide whether to learn to play in instrument or join a band class? Here are some good reasons to do so!

  • Band provides a positive type of competition with groups of students working together to be the best they can be and produce something beautiful in the process.
  • North’s band program is known throughout the state as a fantastic music program. Individual North students, as well as the various bands, win many awards every year and have fun doing it.
  • The band teachers are extremely dedicated and supportive.
  • For some kids, band is one of the few programs at school that keeps them engaged, interested, and attending classes.IMG_8277
  • Playing for audiences, particularly solos, gives students confidence and recognition.
  • Playing an instrument in high school may lead to a career in music. Many former band students have become music majors at top music schools and/or established successful careers in the music industry, including playing in bands and orchestras, recording music for Hollywood films, and playing with famous artists.
  • Band is part of a well-rounded and complete education, and music appreciation (and performance) is something that will be a benefit and a joy throughout life.
  • Learning to read and play music helps students excel in other areas of education, including math, science, reading, and other cognitive skills.
  • Marching Band, especially, requires hard work, commitment, and teamwork, things that many kids would not experience otherwise! They must also practice time management, but ultimately get to experience the joy of seeing their hard work pay off.

Rolling Meadows Jazz Fest--trophy celebration2

  • Marching Band is good exercise and gets everyone out in the fresh air!
  • Band members can practice leadership skills by being a drum major, section leader, combo leader, or simply an enthusiastic and helpful band member.
  • Being in a band, especially a time-intensive one like Marching Band, builds strong friendships.
  • Music provides a unique way for people to express themselves and develop their artistic sides. Many will continue to play instruments for enjoyment, in church groups, etc. Even those that do not will keep the love and knowledge of music they acquire through participating in band.
  • Playing (and listening) to music is a great stress reliever.
  • Learning to master an instrument requires learning dedication, persistence, and discipline and results in a real feeling of accomplishment.
  • The bands need musicians! They cannot succeed without students. Too few band members and the whole program suffers.
  • It’s fun!

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