Volunteer Opportunities

As you can see from the long list below, there are MANY jobs that need to be done to maintain North’s award-winning band program. Family support is essential. We need EVERY parent to get involved!

Booster Leadership

Band Booster officers are very generous and involved parents who volunteer for their positions. Anyone that might be interested should talk to a current officer. They’d be extremely happy to hear from you! Individuals with accounting and/or QuickBooks experience, who could act as or assist the treasurer, would be really useful!

Other leadership positions involve coordinating and planning specific events or activities. Check the Booster – Leadership/Contacts page for a list. Again, if you have any interest in being a chairperson or co-chairperson, just let someone know. New volunteers are essential, especially as kids graduate and parents leave the Booster organization.

Fundraising Events

Fundraising events such as the Swing Dance require many volunteers. For example, volunteers are needed for set-up and clean-up, food and beverage service, ticket sales, publicity, soliciting sponsors and donations, manning craft tables, and coordinating student and parent volunteers.

Other Fundraising Activities

Volunteers are needed to sell concessions. Watch your email for opportunities. It’s actually a lot of fun! A few people are also needed to be in charge of selling grocery cards and spirit wear on an ongoing basis.

Other Band Booster Activities

Help is needed for Booster activities such as producing a Band Yearbook, assembling the Directory, and putting on the Parent Pitch-In.

Concert Ticket Sales

Volunteers are needed at each concert to sell tickets and other items as needed and pass out programs. Generally, two shifts cover each concert, beginning a half hour before the concert starts. You will always be allowed to watch your child perform, even if you are signed up to work for the concert.

Music Event Staffing

Each year the North hosts many special musical events, including the District-level ISSMA Solo and Ensemble contests, the Bloomington Jazz Festival (in alternate years), the All-District Honor Band, and others. Parent volunteers help these events run smoothly and staff the concession stand in the commons, whose revenue directly benefits the band program.

During the ISSMA Solo and Ensemble competition, volunteers are needed to monitor each performance room to keep performances and hallway traffic flowing in a timely manner, assist the judges as needed, and keep noise to a minimum for performers. ISSMA competition takes place on two consecutive Saturdays, typically the end of January and first of February. Shifts are scheduled each of those two days for morning and afternoon. You will always be allowed to watch your child perform, even if you are signed up to work during that time.

Band Assistants

The Concert Bands and Jazz Bands Assistants (or Representatives)  help Ms. Stockhouse and Mr. Wilson with such things as planning trips and recruiting volunteers to sell tickets at concert. The Winter Guard Assitant(s) help Ms. Wilson with fundraisers, representing the guard at Band Booster meetings, and whatever else she needs.


Chaperones are needed to ride the buses with the students during trips to out-of-town performances and competitions by all bands. Trip chaperones get into the competitions/performances free of charge.


Photos of the band at performances, competitions, and at practice are needed for posting on the BHSN band web site and for the yearbook, if one is made. Contact the webmaster or see instructions in the Albums section of the site about sharing that one great picture you took, becoming a regular contributor, or anything in between!

Band Website

This website is created and maintained by volunteers. If you’d like to become involved, just let us know! Suggestions and content-contributions are also greatly appreciated.

Marching Band-Specific Opportunities

Pit Crew

Pit Crew parents load and unload the Marching Band trailer and help roll equipment onto and off the field for Marching Band competitions and performances. They need to arrive at school prior to the band leaving for a competition to help load, and can either travel to the competition with the band or separately. They sit on the sidelines during the performance, then help get equipment off the field within the time allotted. This is a great way to see everything up close, and get in free to the competitions! The Pit Crew can also eat with the band for free!


Chaperones accompany the band on competition and performance trips. They help take attendance before leaving school and before returning back to school, make sure that everyone has on their shorts, shirt, black socks and black shoes before boarding the buses, stay with kids at the competition site until they leave to perform (then they can go into the stands and watch), assist with uniforming (zipper help, hairdo help, etc.), and help after the performance with uniform changing as needed. Once the students are out of uniform, they may eat with them or go back to the stands to watch the other bands. After arrival back at school, the chaperones check the bus for left-behind items and do a general clean-up. Trip chaperones get into the competitions/performances free of charge. Duties will be similar for any overnight trips.

Marching Band Chow

Volunteers are needed to help prepare and/or serve meals for the students, staff, pit crew and chaperones on competition days. Sometimes food is prepared and eaten before the band leaves for a competition. Other times, preparation is done at the competition site and served there after the performance. Volunteers will still be able to see their children perform and will get into the competition free of charge. This is a job totally appreciated by the band members, because they love to eat!!

Uniform Fitting

Parent volunteers are needed to help find a uniform that will fit each student and coordinate the purchase of gloves and shoes at the start of the season. They also take care of the uniforms at the end of the season. People that know how to make alterations (e.g., shorten pants), are also usually needed to help those that request assistance.

Truck Driver

We always need at least one (qualified) volunteer to drive the truck with all the uniforms and instruments to the competitions. We also need use of a cab to attach to the trailer.


We periodically ask parents to donate needed supplies such as bottled water and desserts. Sign up at the pitch-in, and watch for other listserv emails!