• This is our first Mattress Fundraiser. It sounds strange at first, but it’s been a successful event for other bands, raising $6-8000 typically, so we decided to try it out!
  • Saturday August 15, 10 am to 5 pm at BHSNHollywood-Christmas-Parade-Logo
  • A percentage of sales will go to the band program as a whole; this year that money will go toward offsetting costs for those going on the trip to march in the Hollywood Christmas Parade.
  • Prices are up to 50% off suggested retail prices. Plus…
  • Marching Band members can pick up flyers, which are coupons good for $50 off any set over $299, to mattress_sale_flyerdistribute wherever they want around town. Write the student’s name at the bottom and if that coupon is used, the  student gets $25 (or more depending on how many of their are used) for their band account. If someone doesn’t bring the flyer in, they can just tell the sales people the student’s name for the same deal.
  • Teachers, policemen, and firemen (and women) get $100 off with a student referral!
  • All kinds and sizes of mattresses will be available and various name brands. A “showroom” will be set up in the Commons at the school and people can come browse and place orders.
  • Mattresses ordered will be brought to Bloomington about 10 days after the sale. They can be picked up for free or delivered for $49 (bring a flyer and consider your $50 off to be free delivery!). truckDelivery is the same to anywhere – doesn’t have to be in Bloomington, though the dates may differ. Talk to the people at the sale. You can get rid of an old mattress set by putting it out for city trash pickup ($4), taking it to a rural recycling center (check their website), or you can have the delivery people dispose of it for $20.
  • All mattresses come with a full warranty. If you don’t like what you get, the company will also allow you to trade it in for a different one, after you’ve given it a try for 30 days. You may have to travel to one of their other sales in the state. Talk to them about the details.
  • Students can go to local churches and business and put flyers out (with permission). They can give them to friends, family, and neighbors. They cannot put them in peoples mailboxes, as that is the against the law. Use email, texts, and social media!

Questions? Post on this Facebook page  or email Erin Wager-Miller at