Bloomington Jazz Fest 2015

When:  December 11th & 12th
Where: Bloomington HS South
Cost:     Free and open to the public

The Bloomington Jazz Fest is a two-day affair, alternating between BHS North and South. Bands and combos from all over the state (and beyond) attend. Each performance is rated by a panel of professional jazz musicians and a private critique/clinic is offered afterward. Outstanding soloists are awarded certificates and trophies. All performances by students groups and the guest artist are free and open to the public. They occur in various rooms, and people come and go depending on their interests. All our jazz bands participate.


Bloomington North’s Schedule:

Plan to arrive at BHSS at least 1 hour prior to your performance time
& meet in our homeroom, C203.

When performing, concert dress is coat & tie.
(Bring clothes to school on Friday if you’re going directly there.)

Friday  –  December 11th
5:00    Intermediate Jazz performance in LGI (Warm-up @ 4:30; Clinic @ 5:30)
5:00    Campbell/Shankar Combo performance in Carmichael Hall
6:00    McDermott-Sipe Combo performance in Carmichael Hall
6:30    Lab Jazz performance in Carmichael Hall (Warm-up @ 6:00; Clinic @ 7:00)
8:00    Studio Jazz performance in CH (Warm-up @ 7:30; Clinic @ 8:30)
10:00  Advanced Jazz performance in CH (Warm-up @ 9:30; Clinic @ 10:30)

LGI warm-up room is the Band Room
Carmichael warm-up room is the Dance Studio

Musicianship certificates and outstanding performance trophies will be handed out at the post performance critiques.

Saturday  –  December 12th

1:15 to 2:00  Buselli/Wallarab Little Big Band in Carmichael Hall