Information for Jazz Bands

Jazz Band classes offered at North are, from least to most advanced:

  • Intermediate Jazz (Jazz 4)  
  • Lab Jazz (Jazz 3)
  • Studio Jazz (Jazz 2)
  • Advanced Jazz (Jazz 1)

Concert Attire

The following dress code is in effect for all performances by the Bloomington North Jazz Bands. Make sure that you look nice and that you are comfortable in the items you choose.

Intermediate Jazz Band

Women – nice outfit (skirt or pants, darkish in color), dress shoes.

Men – Dress shirt (any color), tie, dress pants (dark color, no jeans), dress shoes (no tennis shoes). A sport coat or suit coat would be wonderful, but is not required.

Lab, Studio, and Advanced Jazz Bands

Women – very snazzy outfit (dress skirt or pants, darkish in color), dress shoes.

Men – Dark suit (dress pants and jacket, any dark color), dress shirt (any color), tie, dark shoes.

(Marching Band shoes in good condition can also be used for Jazz Band.)