Information for All Bands

Instruments and Accessories

Reeds are available at Vance Music, and Melody Music stores in Bloomington. Individual reeds and valve oil may be available in the band office. Prices are on the bulletin boards. You can also order from online sources.

A representative from Paige’s Music (in Indianapolis) stops at Bloomington North every week. Paige’s can service student-owned instruments which need repairs and they will provide a free loaner during the repair time. They can also deliver instruments for rental or purchase, drum heads, sticks and mallets, etc. Feel free to email Ms. Stockhouse with questions or requests, or visit their website.

Eli Henline, who used to work at Prowinds, can repair brass and woodwind instruments – see

BHSN  has some instruments available for students to rent through the school at very reasonable prices (mainly larger ones like trombone, French horn, euphonium, baritone sax, tuba, percussion, bassoon, oboe, string bass). Students playing smaller instruments will need to purchase or rent-to-own such an instrument. Visit the Paige’s Music website for specifics on how to sign up for their rental program. If you’re not totally sure what to get or are interested in renting from the school, please consult Ms. Stockhouse or Mr. Wilson before purchasing!

Attending Concerts

Band students get free admission to all BHSN band concerts! They can also get “Concert Review Credit” by signing in at all kinds of concert events at North (including Honor Band concerts and concerts by guest artists and groups). Students need one concert review credit per 6 weeks.

There is a small admission charge for family and friends. The Boosters add this income to the general band budget. Concert tickets are generally Adults $5, Students & Senior Citizens $2, 5 & under free, Families $12 max.
Any family members that would not attend due to this cost should ask for free admission at the ticket table, as we want all families to be able to enjoy their child’s concerts.

Email List

The band directors and boosters rely heavily on the North Bands email list to convey important information to parents and students. Often information is time-sensitive and the email list is the only way to update band families quickly, so be sure to subscribe ASAP!  We now have an All-Bands List, a Marching-Band List, and a Jazz Bands List. Be sure to have at least one family member on the All-Bands list and sign up for the others, if relevant, as well.

To subscribe or unsubscribe, visit our Email Subscription Management page.

Note: Only the directors and a few members of the Band Boosters are able to send messages to the lists. You do not need to worry about spam or email unrelated to the band program. Note also that the BAND email lists are different than the BHSN DAILY ANNOUNCMENT email list. Both lists are very helpful tools for parents and students, but you must subscribe to them separately.

Student Band Accounts

The Bloomington High School North Band Boosters have multiple bank accounts serving different purposes related to band activities. One of these accounts holds money allocated to individual students. Students earn money through certain fundraising activities (e.g., using grocery/gift cards — see the  Boosters-Band Bucks page) and that money can then be used for that student’s travel expenses and other required band expenses.  Accounts are created automatically when students enroll in a band class, join marching band, and/or earn some money for the account through a special fundraisers or by ordering Band Bucks gift cards. (Feel free to check on the account at any time by contacting the coordinator.)

Use of Funds

Because of the tax-exempt status of the BHSN Band Boosters, there are restrictions on what student account money can be used for. Permitted uses include paying for band-sponsored trips, marching band/guard fees and uniform expenses, tuxedo rental fees, school instrument rental, solo & ensemble fees, and All-State or All-District participation fees. We cannot use band account money to purchase or repair instruments owned by students, to purchase reeds, mouthpieces, etc. or clothing. Simple rule: If you can keep it, student accounts cannot be used to buy it.

Using Money in your Student Account

Here’s how to apply your account balance toward eligible expenses:

  1. Forward the request for payment to the student accounts coordinator (see the Boosters-Contacts page).
  2. The student accounts coordinator will reply with the amount that’s been applied toward your payment, and the balance due, if any.
  3. The band director(s) will be copied on the reply so they can adjust your payment balance accordingly.

(Sometimes it may be appropriate to tell a band director to use the student account money, and they’ll communicate with the student accounts coordinator.)

Finding Out Your Student Account Balance

Band Bucks accumulate every time that you make a purchase through the Band Bucks program or other student-specific fundraising activity. To find out your current balance, send a request to student accounts coordinator.

Remaining Balances

All student account money actually belongs to the Band Boosters, not to individual students or families. On leaving the BHSN Band program, either through graduation or withdrawal, student account balances are forfeited. In the spring of each school year the account treasurer will have prepared a list of accounts that are to be closed and the Boosters will then vote on how to use those funds, eg, apply them to the Endowment Fund, Scholarship Fund or General Fund.

However, balances may be held for a younger sibling for one “gap” year. For example: A current senior has a current 7th grade sibling. Upon the senior’s graduation, that student’s account balance will be held for the next school year, until the younger sibling reaches high school.

Once again, because of the tax-exempt status of the Band Boosters, money earned through fund raising activities, grocery certificate money or donations is not refundable or transferable to a non-family member. This money was donated to BHSN Band Boosters.

Code of Ethics

The BHSN Band Code of Ethics states that

  1. Participating in band activities is a privilege.
  2. All school rules must be followed and any infractions will be handled by the band directors, student’s parents, and the BHSN administration.
  3. The rules apply to all students regardless of grade level or age.
  4. During trips, curfews must be adhered to.
  5. Directors, students, and chaperones should treat each other with respect at all times.
  6. During overnight trips, hotel room doors will remain in a fully-opened position if there is mixed company within a room.

As representatives of their bands, students’ actions reflect on all of the other students and on the directors. Participating in band activities is a privilege, and in order to participate in any band activity except for regularly scheduled classes, students and their parents or guardians must sign a copy of the Code of Ethics.

A PDF of the Code of Ethics can be downloaded here .

Authorization for Medical Treatment for Minors

Since all the bands make at least one trip away from school each year, ALL students in the band program need to have an authorization form on file that allows emergency medical care while away from North. Once submitted, the forms are good for the whole year.

A PDF of the medical form can be downloaded here.

Private Lessons

These teachers have indicated an interest in teaching students in the Bloomington North band program. Rates are negotiated with the individual teachers.   All teachers are highly qualified and ARE endorsed by the BHSN band directors. Ask the band directors for updates and phone numbers.

Updated Sept. 2013:

  • Flute:  Katie Morton    kmflutist at  765-437-6588
  • Flute:  Michelle Stolper     mastolper at  602-402-0194
  • Flute: Rachel Rodgers – junior at the IU, majoring in Flute Performance with a minor in jazz studies – rachel.rodgers at  914-582-5962 [added Jan.’16]
  • Oboe:  Guy Hardy     ghardy at  812-323-0073
  • Bassoon:  Catherine Marchese     cmarches at
  • Clarinet:  Erik Franklin     erikdfranklin at  803-240-8191
  • Trumpet:  Phil May     pgmay100 at
  • Saxophone:  Matt Roehrich       mroehric at
  • Low Brass:  Sean Benolken     sbenolken at  815-546-4075
  • Percussion:  Ben Handel      handelmusic at
  • Percussion:  David Scimonelli     scimondb at  937-231-9485
  • Jazz Guitar:  Neil Ferris     nferris at
  • various: Stafford Music Academy