Band Bucks

Band Bucks is a program that directly benefits your pocket book! You, your family, and your friends purchase gift cards and the retailer donates a certain percentage (2-15%) to your student’s band account, which you can use to pay required band-related expenses, such as marching band fees, tux rentals, All-State band fees, and band trips. Of course, you get to use the full face value of the gift cards, as well!

There is a wide range and a huge number of businesses that participate, including Marsh, Amazon, iTunes, KMart, Kohls, American Airlines, Starbucks, TGI Fridays, Speedway, and many others. See for the most complete and up-to-date listing of participating businesses. Be sure to check the temporary special offers!

Some great ideas for using gift cards:

  • Use them instead of cash for purchases you would have made anyway!  (Gas, groceries, restaurants, Starbucks, …, Black Friday shopping!)
  • Give them as gifts (They look just like the regular gift cards that you would buy in a store)
  • Have relatives and friends buy them for themselves or to give as gifts (You can mail them to those out of town)
  • Use them for large one-time purchases such as a new refrigerator or a vacation
  • Use them for budgeting on a monthly basis

Grocery Cards
Grocery store gift cards are something everyone can use!  Marsh and Bloomingfoods have a 5% rebate. Note that the gift cards can be used at any store-family location, which includes stores by various names all over the country; they can be used at the pharmacy and gas pump.

Enroll your Kroger Plus Card in the Kroger Community Rewards Program (that’s the discount card most everyone uses), and a rebate will automatically go to the band program’s general fund whenever you shop. This can be done by creating an online account at or and searching for “Bloomington High School North Band Boosters” in the appropriate spot. If you have questions or problems, contact the Band Bucks Coordinator.  Any family or friend can donate through their Plus card to the Band Booster account!


Traditional cards:
Order traditional plastic gift cards for your favorite retailers and earn money while you shop!

Download gift certificates within minutes to your computer! Wal-Mart, CVS, AMC, Best Buy, Amazon, and iTunes are some of the many retailers that offer this service. Use “PrestoPay” (direct payment from your bank account) and download your gift certificate immediately – great for those last minute expenses. With PrestoPay and MyScripWallet, you can even order and redeem ScripNow on your phone, or use ReloadNow to reload a card.  (Note that PrestoPay takes a day or two to become active after you sign up!) If you’re in good standing, you can also pay by check and do the download as soon as the order is released by the coordinator on the deadline date each month.

Some plastic cards that have been purchased through our program can be reloaded on the ShopWithScrip website (you need to know the card number). AMC, Starbucks, CVS, BP, Target, Lowe’s, Papa Johns, Subway, and Speedway are a few of the many retailers that offer this service. You must use PrestoPay for reloads (it may take 24-48 hours).

Signing up

You will first have to create an account  on (ask the Band Bucks coordinator for the BHSN Bands enrollment code!).  While you’re there, sign up for “PrestoPay” to pay for your purchases electronically (see below).  

You’ll also need to let the Band Bucks chairperson know which pickup location will be most convenient for you. Student band accounts are created automatically, but if you think there might be any question as to who the money goes to, contact the Band Bucks coordinator and/or the Student Accounts manager. See the Boosters – Band Booster Contacts page.


To place an online order,  just go to, login, add the cards you want to buy to your cart, and checkout. You’ll pick up your cards up locally at a later date.

Alternatively, you can send the Band Bucks chairperson a list of the cards you want; however, online orders and payments are preferred, since they involve less work for our busy volunteers.

Order deadlines are announced through the BHSN Bands email list, approximately once a month, and can usually be found on the website calendar also. After the deadline has passed,  the Band Bucks chairperson will “release” all of the BHSN orders, and they will then be shipped to her for distribution.


With PrestoPay, the preferred payment method, you pay directly from your bank account when you place your order at There is a 15 cent fee per transaction regardless of the order amount.

Another option is to pay at pickup. Make checks payable to BHSN Band Boosters.  Checks are not deposited until all cards are picked up, which may take up to a month. Please pick up and pay for your cards promptly or you may be banned from making future purchases without prepaying! The Boosters have to pay for cards which are not claimed.


You’ll be contacted when your cards are ready to be picked up, usually 7-9 days after the order deadline.  There are 5 pickup locations around town. Contact the Band Bucks chairman for details/to make arrangements.

Redeeming the Band Bucks That You’ve Earned

Rebates you earn from purchasing gift cards gets put into students’ band accounts automatically (by the coordinator) at the time of payment.

Using the money you get from the Band Bucks program for band-related expenses is easy. Information and instructions are given under Student Band Accounts on the Info-For All Bands page.

Questions or problems? Contact the Band Bucks Coordinator – see the Boosters-Contacts page for her email address.

Credit Card Payments:  If you are interested in making a large order (i.e., airline, cruise, or hotel gift cards) and would like to use your credit card please let us know and we’ll arrange to take a payment via PayPal. But… note there will be a 3% convenience fee to make up for the amount PayPal charges to process credit cards, which probably defeats the purpose of buying the cards in the first place.